Watts Slab Heating PEX-AL-PEX

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RadiantPEX-AL is a 5-layer, cross-linked composite pipe engineered for radiant floor heating, snow melting, and distribution piping. It is constructed with a layer of aluminum between two layers of cross-linked polyethylene. RadiantPEX-AL provides superior pressure and temperature ratings along with the optimum blend of rigidity to hold itself in place for straight runs and enough flexibility to go around obstacles. RadiantPEX-AL has very little expansion/contraction, so it's ideal for dry applications or high temperature distribution piping. It also retains its flexibility in cold temperatures, so it can be easily installed in winter weather. For use with Compression fittings only. RadiantPEX-AL is manufactured in accordance ASTM F-1281-2005, and carries a 30-year warranty for residential and commercial heating and snow melting applications.

Watts PEX-AL-PEX SectionFeatures

  • For radiant floor heating, snow melting, and distribution piping

  • Manufactured in accordance ASTM F-1281-2005 and has a 30-year warranty for heating and snow melting applications

  • Can be shaped to fit any job site condition, including cold temperature applications

  • Versatile and highly flexible cross-linked polyethylene pipe with an aluminum layer

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Watts PEX-AL-PEX Selection Table

Nominal IDODWall ThicknessAvg. IDBend RadiusVolume gal/100 ft.Material
3/8 in..472 in..070 in..346 in.2.5 in..53 gal.PEX-AL-PEX
1/2 in..630 in..070 in..500 in.3.2 in..91 gal.PEX-AL-PEX
5/8 in..787 in..088 in..637 in.4.0 in.1.62 gal.PEX-AL-PEX
3/4 in..984 in..097 in..806 in.5.5 in.2.53 gal.PEX-AL-PEX
1 in.1.260 in..125 in.1.032 in.6.5 in.3.95 gal.PEX-AL-PEX

Watts PEX-AL-PEX Coil

3/8 in. Watts Slab PEX-AL-PEX

Small, cheap and flexible. Carries a lot of heat for it's size.

Watts PEX-AL-PEX Coil

1/2 in. Watts Slab PEX-AL-PEX

The backbone of the industry. Perfect balance of price, length and flexibility.

Watts PEX-AL-PEX Coil

5/8 in. Watts Slab PEX-AL-PEX

For when you need a little more length, heat or flow.

Watts PEX-AL-PEX Coil

3/4 in. Watts Slab PEX-AL-PEX

For large areas. Light commercial slabs benefit from the extra length and heat

Watts PEX-AL-PEX Coil

1 in. Watts Slab PEX-AL-PEX

For large areas. Commercial slabs that need long runs and move a lot of heat.

1,539.33 1,539.33 1539.33 USD
1/2 in.-1000 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
0.00 0.0 USD
1/2 in.-2 ft. Sample, Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
462.17 462.17 462.17 USD
1/2 in.-300 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
220.61 220.61 220.61 USD
3/8 in.-200 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
2,214.73 2,214.73 2214.73 USD
5/8 in.-1200 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
557.14 557.14 557.14 USD
5/8 in.-300 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
253.24 253.24 253.24 USD
3/4 in.-100 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
740.58 740.58 740.58 USD
3/4 in.-300 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
1,179.51 1,179.51 1179.51 USD
3/4 in.-500 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
327.33 327.33 327.33 USD
1 in.-100 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX
967.68 967.68 967.6800000000001 USD
1 in.-300 ft. Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX