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Pexheat is a full-service floor heating design and sales company. We offer our services to professional contractors, homeowners, and anyone in need of high-quality, yet affordable radiant and electric floor heating equipment.  Shop  our online catalog for a full list of products and purchase them at our  online store .  

Why Radiant? The simple truth is; people want it.

  1. Comfort – Feet remain warm, head stays cool, the ideal heating curve.

  2. Efficiency – Hot air rises, but warmed floors keep the heat where we live.

  3. Air Quality – No dust or germs blown around the room.

  4. Design Freedom – Can’t hear it, can’t see it. Place furniture anywhere, it’s warm everywhere.

Completing a radiant heating system project the first time can be a challenge, which is why we provide full system design services, ensuring you complete the project correctly the first time. Because exceptional customer service is important to us, we make every project "our" project.

Why Pexheat? Because ‘We get it’.

  1. Expert Design Staff – Projects are designed by factory-certified experienced designers completed to industry standards. Your project is our project.

  2. Flexible designs to meet your needs.

  3. We offer uncompromising integrity and the highest quality products.

For more information about our products or services, and for a FREE estimate, contact the team at Pexheat today!

A Free Complete Consultation to Installing Your Radiant Floor Heating System

Whether you're a professional when it comes to Radiant Floor Heating or looking to Do It Yourself, Pexheat can help you determine what you need for your radiant floor design. Complete our Estimate Request form, and get a free materials estimate.

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Hydronic Floor Heating

Hydronic Floor Heating

Running warm water through tubing in a floor is the cheapest easiest way to heat a home or business. Find ouy more...

Electric Floor Heating

Electric Floor Heating

Use electric heating wire installed in a floor adds the benefit of radiant heat without the boiler.



Water Heaters, tubing, manifolds, domestic re-circulators. Contact us for a free estimate.

Snow Melting

Snow Melting

No shoveling! Hydronic snow melting systems are a cost effective way to do snow removal. Put them in your driveway and walk ways. Free Estimates.