Floor Warming Mat

Warm floors are as easy as rolling out an area rug.

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Electric floor warming mats are a quick easy ways to add floor heating under your tile floor.

Flooring tile in bathrooms, kitchens and family rooms can be cold and uncomfortable. Putting heating wire in the mortar bed that the tile is set in is will take the chill of the tile and most times will provide enough heat to keep the room warm. The easiest way to hold the wire down to the floor is using a pre-formed mat. The mat is merely a way to hold the wire in place. The mat is made from a non-conductive mesh material and the heating wire is woven into the mat to keep. The mats come in pre-made sizes and can also be ordered in custom sizes. The non-conductive mesh can be cut to help customize the shape of the installation.

The heating wire is made from a non-corroding material for long life. The heating wire length is set at the factory and should not be cut in the field. Any repairs need to be made with a factory supplied splice as the wire does not lend itself to common splicing methods. The heating wire needs to be installed in a cement layer to keep it's UL and fire ratings. The mats come with a "cold" lead where the heating wire connects to the copper conductor. That cold lead can be extended to allow for easier installation.

The cold lead will run to a themostat with a floor sensor. The thermostats will regulate the duty cycle of the power to the floor heating wire to raise the floor temperature withing a high/lo limit. The thermostat will raise the floor temperature till the room temperature reaches the setpoint. It will then maintain that floor temperature to keep the room temperature. The thermostats come in programmable versions so that you can change the desired temperatures at different times of the day. i.e. warm bathroom floors in the morning. The thermostats can also be wifi enabled to allow you to monitor and change the settings from an app on your phone.

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