Freezer Floor
(Permafrost Prevention)

Building a freezer room? You will need an Anti-heave slab to protect the floor from cracking.

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Builders of food storage warehouses realize that when running larger freezer rooms in those buildings can freeze the ground below the building. The freezing ground will heave the floor slabs ruining the floors. To prevent the floor heaving we install "Anti-heave" slabs below the freezer floors to keep the ground above freezing temperatures.

These Permafrost Prevention under slab systems are often required by the building architect or engineer.

Pexheat will perform the services to calculate the needed tubing and water temperatures and flow rates to prevent the ground freezing. You may be surprised to know how little tubing and how little heat is needed. However, to maintain a proper Anti-heave slab temperature sufficient flow rates need to be maintained. The heat can be extracted by a heat exchanger that recovers heat off the buildings cooling units.

Control systems can be as simple as a pump, valve and temperature gauge set to maintain sufficient heat transfer rates. Or we also provide Anti-heave slab control systems that can come on pre-assembled skids with redundant pumps and alarm systems for maximum reliability.

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