Pexheat Announces the Watts Radiant RadiantPERT Tubing
The Industries Only Recyclable Radiant Tubing is proud to announce the release of the RadiantPERT Radiant Floor Tubing by Watts Radiant. This tubing is going to change the industry.

You thought you knew all of the types of Radiant Floor Tubing, well think again. PERT Tubing makes up about 25% of radiant tubing installed in Europe. Now it's here in the US.

RadiantPERT has the same heat transfer and oxygen barrier qualities as industry standard radiant PEX but with some more benefits.

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Proven Performance
  • 30 Year Track Record
  • Rated for 180°F at 80 psi
  • Can be used with ASTM F1960 Cold Expansion Fittings

RadiantPERT Radiant Floor Tubing

"Angel on your shoulder" Warranty

On top of all these features, Watts Radiant heat places the best warranty in the industry. is proud to offer RadiantPERT with a 25 year REPLACEMENT factory warranty. That means, if the tubing fails in 25 years, Watts Radiant will pay the labor and material cost to replace the system. Ex, tubing in a slab fails, Watts will replace the slab. You don't get that warranty anywhere else. You do not need to be a trained professional to get the warranty. Just install it to their manual, and you're "in like Flynn". It's like having a guardian angel on your shoulder.

Watts Radiant Tubing Warranty

Now why would you choose another brand of PEX tubing for your radiant floor heating project?


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