Type of Installation Help Text

Type of Installation


The type of radiant floor installation is usually determined by the construction of the zone. All types of radiant floor installation (except electric) typically have more than enough heating capacity for a zone. The differences in efficiency and response of the types are mostly insignificant. Your main concerns in choosing an installation type should be cost and effort of installation. See the help text for each installation type for details.

Installation type listed by increasing cost: (Cheapest to Highest Cost)

  1. Concrete Slab
  2. Staple Up
  3. Sleeper
  4. Thin Slab
  5. Electric

Installation type listed by increasing effort: (Easiest to Hardest)

  1. Electric
  2. Concrete Slab
  3. Staple Up
  4. Thin Slab
  5. Sleeper

View the manual below for more information: (opens in a new window)

pdfWatts Radiant Design/Installation Manual
pdfWatts Onix Design/Installation Manual
pdfWatts Suntouch Above Floor Manual
pdfWatts Suntouch Under Floor Manual