Tubing Type Help Text

Tubing Type


Tubing type is a significant consideration when designing a radiant zone. We carry various types of tubing as well as mats with electric cables for heating. Each tubing type has benefits and costs. Please see the individual help text for each tubing type.

Tubing type listed by increasing cost: (Cheapest to Highest Cost)

  1. PERT Tubing (PERT)
  2. PEX Tubing (PEX)
  3. PEX-AL-PEX  (PAP)
  4. EPDM Hose (Onix)
  5. Electric Wire

Tubing type by increasing installation effort: (Easy to Hardest)

  1. Electric Wire
  2. EPDM Hose (Onix)
  3. PERT
  4. PEX-AL-PEX  (PAP)
  5. PEX