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Radiant Floor Heat Insulation, Radiant In Floor Heating: Advantages

Radiant in floor heating has many distinct advantages over the more customary forms of heating we have become familiar with.  While Radiant floor heating installation fell out of favor due to problems with metal fatigue in the pipes used at the time, Pex tubing have now done much to revive the affordability and reliability of radiant in floor heating.

Radiant in-floor heating improves comfort by increasing a room's average surface temperature.  One of the disadvantages of just warming the air in a room through convection is that the surfaces tend to stay cool.  Our bodies lose heat to these surfaces as there is a natural pull for heat to travel from a warmer place to a colder place.  Radiant in floor heating instead warms the surfaces and the body stays comfortable due to the lack of cooler surfaces.

Many radiant panel heating systems employed in under floor radiant heat are out of sight.  Whether constructed with hydronic pex tubing as in hydronic or electric radiant floorheating systems, heated floors, walls, and ceilings conceal their function as heat emitters.  There are usually less constraints imposed on furniture placement. The architectural aesthetics of rooms can be preserved without compromising thermal comfort.

You can find out more about our radiant floor heating solutions by contacting us. You can also fill out our RFQ form online or fill it out and fax it back to us if you don’t know what you need exactly. Pexheat not only sells the products you need to install radiant floor heating system, but can also help you with the information you need to do it right the first time.