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  8 Branch 1/2" Barb Manifold, Closed X 3/4" Barb Supply w/MBV
8 Branch 1/2
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Closed End x 3/4" CrimpRing End Manifolds with Branch Ball Valves
1" diameter manifold trunks are closed at one end and have a 3/4" brass CrimpRing fitting at the supply end.
Available with 1/2" brass CrimpRing fittings, with 1/4-turn brass mini ball valves (MBV), in sizes from 3 to 12. Branches are 2" o.c.
Manifolds are sold individually.
Order one for hot and one for cold.

Part Number: WPCM2-M8-08B

Price: $123.49
(Out of Stock)
Back Orders usually filled in 1 to 2 weeks.
Please Contact Us to check availability.

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