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  Weil-McLain Ultra Series 3-UE 96.4% 299,000 BTU/hr Gas Boiler
Weil-McLain Ultra Series 3-UE 96.4% 299,000 BTU/hr Gas Boiler
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Weil-McLain Ultra UG-399 Series 3 High Efficiency Modulating Gas Boiler 96.4% - 299,000 BTU 

The Weil-McLain Ultra Series 3 boiler has been designed for easy installation. The Ultra boiler requires minimal clearance and minimal floor space, and the same boiler can be used in floor standing applications. Water and gas piping is conveniently arranged for connection at the top or bottom of the boiler. In fact, when using boiler in a floor standing application, all boiler connections are on the top of the boiler except for the condensate drain.

The electrical components have been pre-wired and labeled on separate line voltage and low voltage terminal strips. Terminal strips are provided for quick and easy field wiring. Venting has been simplified by using PVC for both exhaust and combustion air. Slide the PVC into the top outlet flue pipe adaptors and tighten the restraining ring. No messy sealants required. You can even achieve vent runs up to the equivalent of 100 feet.

The Ultra comes with a side mounted service receptacle on a separate circuit for use with a condensate pump, service equipment or service light.The Ultra boiler is lightweight compared to a conventional boiler. Side jacket handles are provided for easy handling along with four adjustable boiler feet for easy placement and leveling.

Besides being Ultra High Efficient the Ultra boiler is environmentally friendly. Through the use of its high grade burner, the Ultra boiler produces less NOx while exceeding all current environmental codes and is certified by South Coast Air Quality Management District in California.
This boiler qualifies for up to $1,500 energy efficiency tax credit! This energy tax credit covers 30% of the equipment, installation supplies, and labor costs up to $1,500. Visit the US Government's website for details.

Standard Equipment

  • Venturi Mixing Body Mixes Air and Gas Providing Higher Efficiency
  • Factory Tested
  • Limited 15 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
  • Cast Aluminum Block
  • 30 PSI ASME Relief Valve
  • Stainless Steel Burner - Cleaner Combusion for Low NOx Application
  • Direct Spark Ignition
  • Variable Speed Blower Assembly
  • Gas/Air Ratio Venturi with Air Silencer
  • Negative Pressure Regulation Gas Valve
  • 50 VA Transformer
  • Combination T&P Gauge
  • Outlet Water Temperature Sensor
  • Return Water Temperature Sensor
  • Flue Gas Temperature Sensor
  • Outdoor Reset and Domestic Hot Water Priority Standard
  • U-Control Gives You The Power For Easy Set-Up And Maintenance
  • Digital Display & Data Port
  • Ignition Control
  • High Limit & Modulating Temp Control
  • Low Water Protection
  • Outdoor Reset
  • DHW Priority
  • Two Pump Controls-Heating & DHW
  • Taco Boiler Circulator: 1” flanges & Taco 2400-20
  • Complete Jacket Assembly with Fully Removable Front Jacket Cover
  • Adjustable Boiler Legs
  • Sidewall Vent/Air Termination Kit
  • Line & Low Voltage
  • Pre-wired Terminal Strips
  • On/Off Power Switch
  • Line Voltage Service Receptacle
  • Condensate Trap with Drain Tee Assembly
For more information view:

Part Number: UG-299

Price: $7,415.51

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