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HeatWeave | UnderFloor Mats

HeatWeave® UnderFloor™ mats are the perfect solution for warming nearly every type of floor covering without having to tear it up. If you have access beneath the floor, simply staple UnderFloor mats between the joists. Most floors can be heated up to be warmer than they would otherwise be. However, carpeted floors may see a lower temperature increase due to the high insulation value of carpet and padding. Insulation installed below the mats is essential to complete the installation.

Installation of HeatWeave under tile flooring

Consider The Benefits...

  • Warms wood, vinyl, laminates or tile floor coverings.
  • Easy staple-up installation between floor joists.
  • Delivers 10 watts/sq. ft. of floor area (about 34 BTU/hr/sq. ft.).
  • Manufactured in 24 different lengths in 12" and 16" widths. Mats of any size (same voltage) may be combined to heat any type of room.
  • 120-VAC and 240-VAC models for small to large projects.
  • Highest-quality heating wire using Aramid reinforcing, ETFE high-temperature insulation, and oxygen-free copper alloys for corrosion-resistance, temperature-resistance, abrasion-resistance, and longevity.
  • Shielded and fully grounded 10-ft. power lead for safety and jobsite durability (longer lengths available on request). Power leads are color- coded for 120 VAC and for 240 VAC.
Watts WarmWire Cross Section
  1. Tough outer jacket
  2. Braided metal grounding jacket (for safety)
  3. EFTE insulation (for long-term corrosion, chemical & temperature resistance)
  4. Oxygen-free copper heating elements (for flexibility & longevity)

Features & Specs

  • Power leads and heating elements are fully grounded from end to end.
  • Heating elements are manufactured with a braided twin-wire design and shielded to reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF) to ultra-low levels.

Installation is as easy as...

Step 1

UnderFloor Mat install - Step 1

Unroll and staple mats into your joist bays, 2 inches from the subfloor. Remember, mats are designed to fit in just one bay at a time.


Step 2

UnderFloor Mat install - Step 2

Mount junction boxes in accessible locations. Connect mats to power supply in parallel at junction boxes. Always follow electrical and building codes, using conduit and electrical boxes where needed. Limit 15 amps per thermostat.

Step 3

UnderFloor Mat install - Step 3

After connecting your SunStat thermostat and testing the system, install R-11 to R-19 fiberglass batt insulation up to the mats. Also install insulation vertically at the ends of the joist bays or 6 inches after the mat ends.



For more information, view:

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heatweave_under_16.jpg WR120xxxxU2ST HeatWeave UnderFloor Mat, 120V Price: $88.00 – $342.80
heatweave_under_16.jpg WR240xxxxU2ST HeatWeave UnderFloor Mat, 240V Price: $142.80 – $218.07