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    <td><h3>Depending on your needs and budget we have the right plate for you. </h3>
      <p>Heat Transfer Plates are necessary for most radiant heating installations that are not encased in concrete. They improve the conductivity of heat out of the radiant tubing and increase the surface area of the system to speed heat transfer to the building.</p>
      <p>Radiant floor heating systems like to tout that they are the &quot;most efficient&quot; method of heating a home. The high efficiency of radiant systems only happen due to the low required water temperatures to satisfy the heating load. So the lower the required water temperature to heat your home the more energy savings you will enjoy. The right heat transfer plate can mean money in your pocket.</p>
        <li><strong>No heat transfer plates</strong> - highest required water temperatures to handle the building heat load</li>
        <li><strong>Stamped Metal Heat Transfer Plate</strong>s - Metal steel or aluminum flashing with a channel rolled into it to wrap around the radiant tubing. They proved improved heat transfer over no-plates but they can be noisy due to tubing expansion and due to the quality of the channel in plate, usually require a silicone caulk to &quot;glue&quot; the plate to the tubing.</li>
        <li><strong>Extruded Heat Transfer Plates</strong> - Rigid aluminum metal plates with a channel cast into the plate. Due to the increased mass and uniform construction they offer better heat transfer and lower required water temperatures. They are virtually noise free and can be easily installed by screwing the plate to the floor and tapping the tubing into the channel with a mallet. They are higher priced due to heavier gauge metal.</li>
        <li><strong>FlexPlates</strong> - The latest innovation in heat transfer plates. FlexPlates are made from graphite fiber mesh which has shown to have 50% higher thermal conductivity than aluminum plates. This allows for the lowest required water temperatures and highest heat transfer of any plate system. Due to their flexibility they are easy to install since they conform to the tubing and the flooring system. They are noise free and can be cut with scissors. Although higher priced than all other plates, labor savings and energy savings can make FlexPlates the go to plate for all staple up radiant applications. </li>
    <p>Heat transfer plates can be used in underfloor staple up radiant floor installations. They can also be use in radiant walls and above floor sleeper systems to improve heat transfer and energy efficiency. </p></TD>

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