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  Prestige Solo 250 kBTU/hr, 95% Efficiency, Boiler
Prestige Solo 250 kBTU/hr, 95% Efficiency, Boiler
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Prestige - Condensing High Efficiency Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Gas Boiler
    Do you want a high output and high efficieny boiler?
    Do you want easy installation and a compact size?
    Do you want to vent using PVC pipe?
    The Prestige is the boiler for you!
  • Comes set for Natural Gas - Field conversion to Propane (LP) included.
  • Up to 95% Efficiency (Low temperature applications)
  • Fully Modulating - Adjust the amount of fuel burned to the system demand
  • Digital Display - Easy to adjust boiler to run at a wide range of temperatures
  • Direct Vent with Standard Schedule 40 PVC - Easy Inexpensive Venting
  • Minimal Space Requirements - Compact Size, Wall Hanging
  • Natural Gas or Propane - Field Convertable
  • Outdoor Temperature Sensor - Allow the Boiler to adjust supply water temperature to outdoor demand. Increases efficiency of the system.
  • Low NOx - Safer
  • Higher Water Volume than Competitive Units
  • Low Pressure Drop - Get Higher Flowrates, Heat More SQFT
  • Comes with: 30 PSI Pressure relief valve, Drain Valve and Condensate Drain Assy., Pressure Gauge, 3-speed Primary Pump (110 Only)
  • Quiet Operation

For more information view:

Part Number: PS-250

Price: $4,999.00

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