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  CinchTool for 3/8" to 1" Stainless Clamps w/Holster
CinchTool for 3/8
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Note: Watts has discontinued sizing this tool for 1" CinchClamps. It will work on 1" clamps. However, the force required to create the connection may create un-acceptable stress on the tool. If you are going to do a lot of 1" connections we recommend the Racheting CinchTool for 3/8" to 1" Stainless Clamps

Watts' new CinchClamp boldly goes where those other fittings can’t – mainly into tight, hard-to-reach spaces. With a unique “tab” design, there is no need to get a tool around the entire fitting. Simply press the tab closed with the CinchTool™ and the connection is complete.
This design offers a positive mechanical connection, ensuring the PEX tubing is uniformly compressed against the fitting. The ratcheting CinchTool only releases when proper assembly is complete. No guess work is needed to determine if the connection has been properly made.
The unique CinchClamp design makes the new CinchTool dramatically simpler and easier to use. One tool installs all sizes from 3/8" to 1".

Cinch Tool Brochure

Part Number: PCCT-2

Price: $101.82

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CinchClamp, Stainless, 1/2 in.
CinchClamp, Stainless, 1/2 in.
Price: $0.57
CinchClamp, Stainless, 5/8 in.
CinchClamp, Stainless, 5/8 in.
Price: $0.66
CinchClamp, Stainless, 1 in.
CinchClamp, Stainless, 1 in.
Price: $0.72