2' Stamped Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates for 1/2" PEX - Each
2' Stamped Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates for 1/2
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Our Mid-Level PEX Plates. The aluminum plate increases heat transfer vs. steel plates. Unless you are in a moderate climate, you want to use Heat Transfer Plates to; increase heat transfer, speed up system response, lower necessary system water temperature. Without a Heat Transfer Plate you will need to run a system at 160 - 180 deg F. With a Heat Transfer Plate temperatures run 120 - 140 deg F.

PEX Plates are the traditional way to install PEX in underfloor and sandwich applications. These plates are a stamped aluminum plate measuring 5" x 24". You'll need about four plates per 10' of PEX. Follow Watts' Installation Guidelines very carefully when using these plates.

2 ft x 5 in
It has an indention for one 1/2 in piece of tubing to fit into. We don't recommend double plates since you are robbing the supply water to heat the return.
Aids in transferring heat from the tubing to the building structure.

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Part Number: P700524

1 – 49$3.36
50 +$3.08

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