4' Extruded Aluminum Plate for 1/2 in. PEX - Each
4' Extruded Aluminum Plate for 1/2 in. PEX - Each
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Extruded Aluminum PEX Plates — Our Best Heat Transfer Plate for PEX underfloor and sandwich applications. Unless you are in a moderate climate, you want to use Heat Transfer Plates to; increase heat transfer, speed up system response, lower necessary system water temperature. Without a Heat Transfer Plate you will need to run a system at 160 - 180 deg F. With a Heat Transfer Plate temperatures run 120 - 140 deg F.

These plates are an extruded aluminum plate measuring 3-1/2" wide by 4 ft. long. Tubing snaps into channel, making installation fast and easy. The channel’s tight grip eliminates annoying ticks and clicks as the PEX expands and contracts.

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Part Number: P700250

Price: $9.49

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