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  PEX 1/2" & 3/8" Pneumatic Staple Gun
PEX 1/2
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These Staple Guns are professional tools that do an excellent job stapling Onix and PEX in both Staple-Up, thinslab and sleeper projects.

Stand up like a man instead of crawling around on the floor stapling down tubing. The extension arms and guns allow you to do installations with your feet firmly planted on the floor.

For more information, view:

Part Number: P668510

Price: $480.00

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Staples for both 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. Pex and Onix- 1660 pc
Staples for both 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. Pex and Onix- 1660 pc
Price: $32.90
Staples for both 3/8" and 1/2" Pex and Onix- 10000 pc
We highly recommend Watts Radiant staples, as they offer straight shooting and trouble-free usage. Save yourself trouble and use the best.
Price: $94.00
staplegun extension arm.jpg
Extension Arm Retrofit Kit
Already have one of our staple guns? Order an Extension Arm Retrofit Kit.
Price: $240.91
Staple Plate Conversion Kit (3/8 in. & 1/2 in. Onix)
Need to staple more than one
size or type of tube? Order a Staple Plate Conversion Kit.

This attaches to the Tubing Staple Gun and can be used for 3/8 in. and 1/2" Onix Tubing.
Price: $44.96