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  Watts Dual Temp Thermostat, Air/Floor,Digital, 24V
Watts Dual Temp Thermostat, Air/Floor,Digital, 24V
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The DualTemp is a heat-only thermostat with the ability to monitor (1) air temperature, (2) floor temperature, or (3) a combination of air and floor temperatures. In the air mode, set the desired air temperature with a min/max floor temperature. In floor mode, the DualTemp is set to maintain a desired floor temperature with a min/max floor temperature range. Simply select the proper internal settings to conform to the needs of the project. Order a floor sensor separately, if required. When the 10k floor sensor is connected, the DualTemp can be configured to either maintain a minimum floor temperature or restrict the maximum floor temperature.

The outside dial (non-digital) adjusts the desired air temperature and the inside potentiometer adjusts the minimum or maximum floor temperature. The air temperature is adjustable from 41° to 86°F (5° to 30°C). The inside potentiometer is adjustable from 50° to 104°F (10° to 40°C).

The digital DualTemp also has a manual temperature setback feature, and the ability to connect to Watts Radiant's Pump or Zone Valve/Actuator with the Master Timer. This Master Timer can control multiple thermostats and two setback schedules within the home. When controlled by a Master Timer, a 4°F setback can be programmed.

The 24v DualTemp is a three-wire thermostat. It must be powered from the same external 24-VAC transformer that powers the relay coils. It can control a 5-VA 24-VAC actuator directly, or a pump through an external relay. The battery- powered DualTemp is powered by 2 AAA batteries, so only two thermostat wires are needed. It can control a 5-VA, 24-VAC actuator directly, or a pump through an external relay.

For more information view:
Watts Dual Temp Digital Air/Floor Thermostat Data Sheet/Manual/Submittal

Part Number: P-3285

Price: $65.29
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Watts Floor Sensor for Dual Temp Thermostat
Watts Floor Sensor for Dual Temp Thermostat
Price: $13.65