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  Mesh Clip Stand Up Application Tool - Rental $129
Mesh Clip Stand Up Application Tool - Rental $129
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Rental:$129.00 1st month. $59 each additional month.

Saves time...
The tool accommodates as many as 100 clips from self-loading boxes, and attaches the tubing in no time at all...

Saves wear and tear on your knees and back...
This is a stand-up tool. No more crawling over wire mesh and gravel. No more bending to apply plastic ties...

One tool does it all...
In one motion, the Mesh Clip™ Tool lifts the wire and applies the clip.

Mesh Clips™ are packaged in self-loading boxes of 50 clips. Simply tear off the end of a box, insert the tool into the box, and tilt...the clips will slide down the rails of the tool and into position.

Once loaded, position the the Mesh Clip™ Tool over the PEX tubing and depress the handle. The "grabbers" inside the body of the tool lift the wire mesh and fasten the tubing to in one motion. Tubing will be securely attached to the mesh and ready for the concrete pour.

Mesh Clip Manual


Rental Agreement:
You will be billed the full price for the items at shipment. When the items are returned, you will be credited the balance. Time period is from date of shipment to the date of return.

Part Number: MCAT-RENT

Price: $630.00

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Mesh Clips for 3/8 in., 1/2 in. and 5/8 ID PEX Tubing, box of 50
Mesh Clips for 3/8 in., 1/2 in. and 5/8 ID PEX Tubing, box of 50
Price: $5.76