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There are many advantages to using Radiant Floor Heating over other forms of indoor climate control, especially the usual convection model of heating the air for warmth instead of the process by which energy leaves the surface of an object and travels to the surface of another (cooler) object in the form of electromagnetic waves. In the past, PEX radiant floor heat system was less than optimal due to metal fractures in hydronic systems or because of the lack of practical technology for electric floor heating systems. However, many advances in technology have made it possible to overcome these limitations so that a truly efficient Radiant floor heating system is now available, whether for the person looking to for a do it yourself pex radiant floor heating solution or a professional contractor looking for a better option for his customers.

All radiation travels from warmer surfaces that emit it, to cooler surfaces that absorb it. This fact is why radiant heat is such a great option. While other forms of heating just warm the air, leaving surfaces cold which act as heat sinks from which your body can lose heat, a radiant floor stays warm, allowing your body to retain more of the heat.

Radiant floor heat also travels equally well in any direction. Most people think that heat rises. However, this is the air that rises when heated. When a radiant floor heating is used however, air absorbs very little thermal radiation. This is what allows a radiant floor to do its job efficiently as the electric radiant floor heat system directly warms objects without first heating the air around them.

Pexheat is the best Radiant floor heat company in that it provides you with information on radiant heat as well as the materials you need to get the job done. You can find out more about our radiant in floor heating solutions by contacting us.  You can also fill out our RFQ form online or fill it out and fax it back to us if you don’t know what you need exactly.