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RPA Trained - Keeping your project done right
Radiant Professionals Alliance strives to provide it's customers with the highest quality products at the lowest prices. In todays market, material, labor cost, supply and demand are changing on a daily basis such that product prices constatly rising a falling. In order to keep your project moving and on budget our promise to you is to provide the Lowest Price possible.

Low Price Promise
  1. If you find a product advertised or quoted by another company that is similar to a product carried on our website or in one of our catalogs, contact us by email, fax or phone with either the website link or quote.
  2. We will respond with either;
    1. A quote for a Lower Price for that item
    2. A comparable item at a Lower Price - i.e. Sometimes items are not "Apples to Apples" comparisons, but we will try to find a product we can offer at the same price with the same features.
    3. If it is a "Project Estimate", we will respond wit competitive pricing such that the entire Estimate is at a Lower Price - i.e. Sometimes we may not be able to offer individual item competitive pricing due to "discounts" or "sales" you may find, but we will work to find ways to bring the total project estimate to a competitive price due to savings we can find in other ways.
    4. If we are not able to offer a competitive price we will offer an explanation as to why - i.e. Some companies are pricing due to Liquidation (discontinued lines), Loss Leading (selling low on one item to gouge on another), Overstocking, Inferior Products (the "Big Box" method of carrying an item that looks and sounds the same as the others but they have cut features or quality to lower it's price.), etc.
  3. As you would expect, quantities, delivery dates, and shipping costs are always conditions for price adjustment.

We here at do thousands of projects a year and talked to a lot of you about your system designs. We understand many of you are struggling to complete projects with ever shrinking budgets. You have spoken and we have listened.

The Housing and Building Construction Industry; doesn't need Government bailouts, doesn't need "Cash for Clunkers", and we don't want Government stimulus packages and fear the regulations that will come with them. We as an industry will find solutions in the innovative industrious people we work with who are dedicated to getting the job done, on time and under budget.

And we know that our Lowest Price Promise will keep us working to please you, so that you can keep working.

Watts Radiant