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Introduction to Radiant Heating
Advantages of Radiant Panel Heating
Thermal Comfort
5 Lies About PEX Tubing
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Radiant Floor Heating - Free Estimates

Why Radiant? The simple truth is; people want it.

  1. Comfort - Feet remain warm, the ideal heating curve, no more cold 70°

  2. Room Heating CurvePeople feel most comfortable when their feet are warm and their heads are cool - Since our extremities are the first to get cold and no one likes a 'hot head', keeping the heat in the room towards the floor and away from our heads makes the most sense.

    Since 'hot air rises' conventional heating systems do just the opposite. This makes one feel cold in a room that is already 70° F.

    Most people feel comfortable in radiant heated rooms below that temperature

    Flir Radiant Floor

  3. Efficiency - Hot air rises. Warmed Floors keeps the heat down where we live.

  4. Convection vs Radiant FloorsSince the air temperatures coming out of a conventional heating system are considerably higher than the room temperature air; that hot air tends to rise to the ceiling.

    Radiant floor systems gently warm the floors which results in most of the heat staying low in the room. This reduces the heat loss through the ceiling and also allows most people to feel warm at reduced room temperatures.

  5. Air Quality - No dust or germs blown around the room.

    dirty ductsIf you can tell your heating system is "ON" because of the smell in the room, you probably have a dusty conventional system.

    Radiant floor heating systems are a healthier way of heating a house because there is no duct work and no blown germs.

    Radiant Slab Radiant Stapleup Radiant Stapleup Radiant Thinslab

  6. Design Freedom - Can't hear it. Can't see it. Place furniture anywhere. It's warm everywhere.

    floor registerRe-claim room space with radiant floors. No more blocking the ducts or vents and hot and cold spot around the room.

    See in the thermal image below that the floor is evenly warm around the room.

    *Cookies and floors are best served warm*


Why Pexheat? Because 'We get it'.

  1. Expert Design Staff - No Excuses.

  2. Expert Design Staff

    Factory certified experienced designers - We have thousands of heating system designs under our belts. From football stadiums to half baths our engineers can guide you to the right products, through the install, with startup and troubleshooting.

    Just to name a few:

    Radiant slab

    Sleeper system



    Floor warming

    Anti-heave slab

    Post-tension slab

    Turf warming

    Greenhouse bed warming

    Ice Breaker ship cabin floor heating

    Oil well command vehicle floor / wall /ceiling

    Water Heater / Tankless Water Heater supplied floor heating

    Condensing / Conventional boiler supplied floor heating

    Solar supplied floor heating

    Geothermal supplied floor heating

    Wood / Corn / Waste Oil / Pellet boiler supplied floor heating

    Artesian Well supplied floor heating

    Residential new construction / renovations


    Pole Barns / Shops / Warehouses

    Snow melting driveways / walkways / patios

    Motor home / Bus conversion



    Projects designed to industry standards - Radiant floors can literally be "set in stone". Make sure it is done right the first time. We take the guess-work out of radiant design and make sure that the system will work.

    Your project is our project - No hassles, no hard selling. We're people too, and know what a pleasure is can be to have help on a construction project. You've never encountered a company like ours so give us a call.

  3. Flexible designs to meet your needs.

  4. We do not use package designs. They are custom designs created to your project.

    • Less Waste
    • Allows us to give you maximum performance for your money
    • Attention to details
    • These are heating systems not cell phone plans. You will need to talk to an experienced professional so the job is done right.
    • We make sure you will "Love" your heating system.
  5. Uncompromising Integrity and the Highest Quality Products.

    We don't design "crap". We belive our name is on every word or product that goes out of our company. When it comes time to flip the switch, it has to work, PERIOD.

    • You will find we will spend more time on the phone with you to make sure all your questions are answered on every detail of your system.
    • You will find the we carry are of the highest quality products in the industry and there is a reason for it. Don't be fooled with a "cheap" package radiant systems that may save you time or money.

Pexheat - Radiant Done Right

Please contact us for a free estimate or design consultation.