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  Taco ESP Zone Valve 1/2 in. Sweat
Taco ESP Zone Valve  1/2 in. Sweat
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Taco Zone and Flow Control Valves are designed to create and control individual zones or isolate equipment in a hydronic heating system. They are engineered for reliability and built with all the quality you expect from Taco. There are millions of Taco Zone Valves in use and they are the industry’s top choice for consistent performance.

The Taco ESP is the smartest valve around, so smart that it “thinks for itself.” Based on the Energy Storage Principle, the ESP is a gear-driven, capacitor-powered valve that’s loaded with innovative technology. This patented technology replaces the typical spring with a Prostar Capacitor for returning the valve to its normal position. In addition, Taco has replaced the old-style synchronous AC motor with an exceptionally reliable, high-torque, high-efficiency miniature motor. By replacing these two failure items, the ESP Valve delivers unrivalled dependability, and there’s a size for every application.

Features Include:
On-Board Microprocessor Monitor Valve Operations
Universal Thermostat Compatibility
Pushbutton Manual Operation—Never strip gears or damage the spring.
Automatic Reset
Plug-in Screw Terminals for Easy Installation—Valve can be installed in any direction or orientation.
External LED—Shows full functions and thermostat status.
Fewer Parts, Longer Service Life

ESP Zone Valve Brochure

Part Number: ESP050C2

Price: $87.67

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