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  Watts Hydronex DMix Valve Panel, 2 Watts Radiant 15-58 Pump
Watts Hydronex DMix Valve Panel, 2 Watts Radiant 15-58 Pump
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DMix Panels
The DMix Series of panels is ideal for any system that uses lower temperature water, such as radiant manifolds, panel radiators or fan coils. Temperatures between 100 and 160 deg F can be achieved using the field-adjustable, thermostatic mix valve.
The included Watts temperature gauge makes temperature adjustment quick and accurate. All zone pumps are pre-wired to a built-in zone control.
Caution: This mix valve can supply up to three pumps, as long as the total combined flow of the three pumps does not exceed 3.2 gpm (32,000 BTU/h).
Each DMix Panel is plumbed with 1.25" L copper main line, and is supplied with Watts quick-connect unions for easy field connection to a P or other D Panels.

Standard equipment for DMix Panels include:
  • 1-3 independently controlled and pre-wired zone pumps of your choice
  • 1" field-adjustable, thermostatic mix valve
  • 3/4" spring check valve (one per zone)
  • 1 isolation ball valve per pump
  • 2 isolation ball valves for field-service of mix valve
  • Pre-wired pump control
  • 0-50psi/60-320F gauge
  • White, powder-coated steel enclosure with cover
  • Watts purge valve for easy air removal
The multi-zone control comes completely pre-wired and tested. Each panel is supplied with a 9' power supply cord.
Zone delivery temperature can be regulated and verified by adjusting the mix valve knob and checking the output on the down-stream temperature gauge.

Grundfos Pump Curve
Grundfos Pump Curve
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For more information, view:

Part Number: DM-1-2

Price: $3,036.57

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