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  Watts Hydronex DDirect Panel, 3 Watts Radiant 15-58 Pumps
Watts Hydronex DDirect Panel, 3 Watts Radiant 15-58 Pumps
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DDirect Panels
These panels are perfect for radiators, fan coils, staple-up, underfloor radiant, kickspace heaters, indirect water heaters or just about any radiant application. Each panel comes completely pre-wired and the 1.25" L copper main line is equipped with Watts quick-connect unions for easy field connection to a P Panel and/or other D Panels. Includes 9' power cord.

28" wide x 31.5" tall x 12" deep

Standard equipment on each panel includes:
  • 1-5 independently controlled and pre-wired zone pumps of your choice
  • 1" spring check valve (one per zone)
  • 2 isolation ball valves per pump
  • Pre-wired pump control
  • 0-50psi/60-320F gauge
  • White, powder-coated steel enclosure with cover
  • Watts purge valve for easy air removal
The multi-zone control comes completely pre-wired.
Under certain conditions, such as with the use of a condensing boiler, Direct panels can be connected directly to the heat source, provided the following conditions apply:
  • Proper flow is maintained through the heat source.
  • Heat source can be set to desired temperature setting (no mixing required).
  • No minimum return fluid temperature is required for the heat source.
  • All necessary conditions and piping practices, as outlined by the heat source manufacturer, are properly maintained.
Grundfos Pump Curve
Grundfos Pump Curve
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For more information, view:

Part Number: DD-1-3

Price: $3,104.46

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