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  Custom Wiring Diagram per Zone Manager
Custom Wiring Diagram per Zone Manager
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A Custom Wiring Diagram will take the guess work out of wiring up your boiler, thermostats, pumps and controls. Created by Trained Professionals familiar with your project. They show wire gauge and pin-out connections for each electrical component in your system.

For simplicity and read-ability the Custom Wiring Diagrams will omit redundant connections or use "typical" wiring connections such that multiple devices will be wired in a typical manner. (ex. One Typical Thermostat or Zone Valve will be illustrated and additional connections of those components will be omitted)

The Custom Wiring Diagrams are priced per Zone Manager. (ex. Solo 110 Boiler wired to a 7 Zone heating system;1 DHW, 1 Baseboard, 5 Radiant Zones = 2 Zone Managers = $150) Please contact us for more information.

A Custom Wiring Diagram created by for your system will save you time and money by illustrating all the components necessary for your control system. They can make sure the components you buy are correctly chosen to be used for your application. They can also show short cuts and money saving techniques for getting the most out of your controls. If you are a Plumber or Do-it-yourselfer, a Custom Wiring Diagram goes a long way keeping your project on tract.

Part Number: Wiring Diagram

Price: $75.00

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Custom Tubing Layout per sqft
Custom Tubing Layout
500 – 3000$0.15
3001 – 4000$0.14
4001 – 6000$0.12
6001 +$0.10

Custom Supply Piping Diagram per Manifold and/or Heat Source
Custom Supply Piping Diagram
Price: $75.00