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Watts Tubing

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We recomend using Watts Radiant Tubing in your next radiant floor heating or plumbing project. When it comes to PEX tubing they all perform the same. Every manufacturer creates their tubing to the same ASTM PEX standards, which they all exceed by 2 to 3 times. The only difference is the Warranty, and the company backing the warranty. Watts Radiant
  • Watts Radiant backs their tubing with a 25 year Replacement warranty. The longest best warranty in the industry. - They will pay to have the product replaced if it fails.
  • You will also qualify for the warranty if you are not a licensed contractor. - Some manufactures require a training course to obtain a warranty.
  • It is also backed by one of the biggest names in the industry.
  • pdfWatts Radiant Tubing Warranty
Make sure you buy your Watts products from a Trained Watts Representative to protect your 25 year warranty.

We also carry Watts Radiant products at a very competitive price. You can feel safe putting Watts products in your house

Contact us for product selection. We are glad to help.

Watts Non-Barrier Water PEX Tubing for Domestic Plumbing and Non-iron Radiant Heating Systems | Non-Barrier Tubing for use in potable water plumbing or heating applications using no cast iron components.
Watts Radiant BarrierPEX+
Watts RadiantPEX+ Radiant Floor Heating Tubing with Oxygen Barrier and Low Friction Layers| 25 Year Replacement Warranty | Watts Radiant's Superior BarrierPEX+ Tubing for use with all applications using cast iron components. Extra coating for noise free installation.
Watts Radiant PEX-AL-PEX Tubing, Oxygen Barrier Radiant Heat and Plumbing PEX-AL Pipe | 25 Year Replacement Warranty | PEX Tubing with an Aluminum Layer. Provides O2 Barrier and Doesn't Expand like regular PEX. Stays where you put it.

Make the Upgrade to PEX-AL-PEX.
Watts Radiant Onix Tubing, Oxygen Barrier Radiant Heat Tubing, Flexible Under Floor Heating Hose | 25 Year Replacement Warranty | Onix out performs PEX in every way. Make Onix your choice for radiant heating applications.
EPDM tubing for heating and snowmelting systems.
Watts RadiantPERT Tubing, Barrier PERT Recyclable Pipe, Radiant Heat PERT Tubing | 25 year Replacement Warranty | Take the Next Step in Radiant Tubing, RadiantPERT -Same Performace
  • Same 25 yr Warranty
  • More Flexible
  • Lower Cost
  • Recyclable
Watts Radiant R-flex Tubing - Buried Insulated Large Diameter Barrier PEX Pipe System |

Insulated Highly Flexible Energy Saving PEX Piping System for:

  • Hydronic Heating
  • Snow Melting
  • Wood Boiler Piping
  • Geothermal
  • Solar