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WarmWire Floor Warming spacer
HeatWeave | WarmWire

WarmWire® is a simple, economical way to warm floors and provide years of lasting comfort. Warm all kinds of floor coverings: ceramic tile, stone, wood, laminates, vinyl or carpet.

WarmWire can be used to warm areas as small as a powder room or as large as 240 sq. ft. Even larger areas can be warmed with multiple cables wired in parallel.

Installation of HeatWeave under tile flooring
Consider The Benefits...
  • WarmWire is easy to install and can fit rooms of all shapes and sizes.
  • New waterproof outer jacket allows for use in showers.
  • The industry's first single power lead construction makes WarmWire easy to install and simpler to connect to the control.
  • The industry's highest-quality electric floor heating wire using ETFE high-temperature insulation, PEX jacket, and oxygen-free copper alloys for corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and longevity.
  • The industry's first twin-wire construction means ultra-low EMF.
  • 120-VAC and 240-VAC models available for small residential to large commercial applications.
  • The industry's only shielded and fully grounded 10-ft. power lead provides safety and jobsite durability (longer lengths available on request). Power leads are color-coded for 120 VAC or 240 VAC.
Watts WarmWire Cross Section
  1. Water proof outer jacket
  2. Braided metal grounding jacket (for safety)
  3. EFTE insulation (for long-term corrosion, chemical & temperature resistance)
  4. Oxygen-free copper heating elements (for flexibility & longevity)
Features & Specs
  • Power leads and heating elements are fully grounded from end to end.
  • Heating elements are manufactured with a braided twin-wire design and shielded to reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF) to ultra-low levels.
  • Protected with stainless steel jacket and clear urethane outer jacket
Installation is as easy as...
  • Step 1 Mat install - Step 1

    Measure and sketch the room you plan to warm. Choose the best place for your thermostat, what areas you want to warm and how much wire you will need. Heat 85-90% of open floor, staying 4-6 inches away from walls and built-ins.

Step 2 Mat install - Step 2

Run your WarmWire according to your sketch, fastening them to your subfloor WarmWire strap. Mount your thermostat and place the temperature sensor between any two heating wires.

Step 3 Mat install - Step 3

Cover WarmWire with a cement based mortar, let it cure, then install your floor covering. If you are installing tile, you can install the tile when you apply the mortar. Connect WarmWire power leads to your thermostat in parallel.

HeatWeave WarmWire Installation Video


HeatWeave WarmWire Thermostat Installation Video

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