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Tekmar Controls

tekmar HVAC Controls - Maximum Energy Savings & Functionality |

tekmar Controls are some of the best and most flexible controls to work with in the hydronic radiant floor heating industry. They are researched, developed, tested and manufactured in North America.

tekmar Controls are typically used in hydronic (water distributed) heating systems to increase the level of comfort and reliability. You will often find tekmar controls in buildings that have in-floor heating installed. The addition of control for domestic hot water, forced air heating, ventilation and cooling provides for an all-inclusive system. Contractors select integrated components that range from thermostats and sensors to outdoor reset controls and automatic snow & ice detectors; depending on the individual system design.

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Snow Melting

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Setpoint and Pump Controls
Tekmar Setpoint Controls for Radiant Slab, Pool, Spa/Hot Tub, Domestic H/W Tank, Solar Storage Tanks | Tekmar Control a Radiant Slab, Pool, Spa/Hot Tub, Domestic H/W Tank, Solar Storage Tank, etc. using PWM or Mixing
Mixing Controls
Tekmar Mixing Controls for Heating Systems | Tekmar Mixing Valve and Variable Speed Injection Pump Controls for optimal comfort and energy savings in radiant floor and other heating applications.
Boiler / DHW Controls
Boiler Reset Controls for Single and Multi-Stage/Boiler Installations | Tekmar Outdoor Reset Controls to reduce boiler output when the load decreases for increase energy savings.
tekmarNet 4 Controls
Tekmar tekmarNet4 Heating System Optimal Controls | The top of the line in heating system controls. If you want optimal performance, Web interface, and maximum flexibility and efficiency, a tekmarNet4 control is your solution.
tekmarNet 2 Controls
TekmarNet2 tN2 Home HVAC Controls | Tekmar 2 Wire Network Communication HVAC Control System for simplicity and functionality. The next evolution in 2 wire thermostats.
Snow Melting Controls
Tekmar Snow Melting Controls and Snow Sensors | Tekmar Controls and Sensors for Snow & Ice Melting for Electric and Hydronic melting systems
tekmarNet Thermostats
Tekmar tekmarNet4 Thermostats for Maximum Control & Flexibility | Top of the line in thermostats. Floor sensing, remote control, multiple sensors for air floor outdoor and humidity sensing.
Tekmar floor, wall, air, slab, snow & humidity sensors | Tekmar floor, wall, air, slab, snow & humidity sensors to add to thermostats and boiler or mixing controls.
Mixing Valves
tekmar Mixing Valves and Motors | Tekmar Mixing Valves and Actuating Motors are designed to connect to tekmar Controls.
Tekmar Relays, Transformers and installation Parts | Tekmar relays, transformers and parts for installation and completing heating control system installations.