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SubRay - Discontinued

Radiant pex tubing spacer

SubRay | Modular Radiant Subfloor System

SubRay Has been Discontinued by Watts Radiant.

SubRay Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

SubRay Installation

If you are looking to install radiant flooring on existing floors, the SubRay system from Watts Radiant may be your best choice. With this easy to use above floor sleeper system, you can quickly install radiant flooring throughout your entire home. SubRay makes things simple by being a modular system of headers and sleepers. It can adapt to any floorplan and can be much more affordable than the panel type subfloor systems.

SubRay slabs come in two different sizes (15mm or 5/8 in. for 3/8” tubing and 18mm or ¾ in. for ½” tubing) and all components are made with cabinet-grade, Group 1 Baltic Birch plywood. The system also uses standard ASTM tubing and fittings sizes, making it the most versatile subfloor system made. For more information about the SubRay radiant flooring system, or any of the other great products from Watts Radiant, contact Pexheat today!

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