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Primary Series

Primary Panel Selection
Answer these questions to select the correct P Panel.

Q1. Do you have a glycol-filled system?
Pick a PMan panel, with the manual fill option.

Q2. Do you want the convenience of an automatic fill feature?
Select the PAuto panel with the built in Watts 9-11s M-3 Backflow Preventer/Boiler Fill Valve. Do not select the PAuto panel if you are using a glycol-filled system, as the glycol may be diluted, without your knowledge.

Q3. Do you want to connect an indirect domestic hot water heater to the boiler?
Order a Primary panel (-RD) with DHW zone circulator.
P-Series panels are primary panels designed to supply down-stream panels with boiler water, which will in turn distribute boiler water to the radiant or other hydronic heating zones. They also remove air and provide essential service and monitoring capabilities. Plumbed in 1.25” L copper, these units are also equipped with Watts quick-connect unions for quick coupling to other HydroNex panels. All P Panels come pre-wired with a 9’ power supply cord and measure 28” wide x 31.5” tall x 12” deep (S).
    Standard equipment includes:
    • High performance micro-bubble air remover
    • Primary loop pump of your choice
    • Watts isolation pump flange
    • Service valves
    • 0-50psi/60-320F gauge
    • White, powder-coated steel enclosure

PAuto Panel
The PAuto Panel is the same as the PMan Panel, but includes the Watts 9-11S M3 backflow preventer/auto boiler fill valve. This assembly also functions as a pressure-regulating, dual check-valve backflow preventer with atmospheric vent. The panel is plumbed in 1.25” L copper and equipped with Watts quickconnect unions to quick coupling to other HydroNex panels.

Every P Panel comes with a pre-wired switching control. It turns on the P Panel’s primary pump and closes a dry contact for the boiler Aquastat upon a call for heat from any source. The panel comes with a 9’ power supply cord for quick and easy field installation.

For more information, view:

Contact us for product selection. We are glad to help.

Image Model Name Price Add to Cart
p_auto.jpg PA-6-PO Watts Hydronex Primary Panel, Auto Fill, Taco 0011 Pump Price: $2,903.79
p_auto.jpg PA-1-PO Watts Hydronex Primary Panel, Auto Fill, Watts Radiant 15-58 Pump Price: $2,820.67
p_auto.jpg PA-2-PO Watts Hydronex Primary Panel, Auto Fill, Watts Radiant 26-99 Pump Price: $3,007.70
p_manual.jpg PM-1-PO Watts Hydronex Primary Panel, Manual Fill, Watts Radiant 15-58 Pump Price: $2,299.90
p_manual.jpg PM-4-PO Watts Hydronex Primary Panel, Maual Fill, B&G PL-30 Pump Price: $2,568.77
p_manual.jpg PM-2-PO Watts Hydronex Primary Panel, Maual Fill, Watts Radiant 26-99 Pump Price: $2,568.77