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Onix Rings and Kits

Onix Clamp Rings and Repair Kits |

Onix TorqueTites, SelfTites, and Repair Kits. Hose clamps for making Onix Tubing connections and repair kits.

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Image Model Name Price Add to Cart
torquetite_repair_kit.jpg 660086 1/2 in. Onix Repair Kit (2 Couplings, 4 Torque Tites) Price: $28.01
torquetite_repair_kit.jpg 660076 3/8 in. Onix Repair Kit (2 Couplings, 4 Torque Tites) Price: $20.11
torquetite.jpg 6641524-10 Clamp, TorqueTite, 1/2 in.- Bag of 10 Price: $32.32
torquetite.jpg 6642232-10 Clamp, TorqueTite, 3/4 in.- Bag of 10 Price: $38.07
torquetite.jpg 6641117-10 Clamp, TorqueTite, 3/8 in. - Bag of 10 Price: $31.60
torquetite.jpg 6641928-10 Clamp, TorqueTite, 5/8 in.- Bag of 10 Price: $35.20
selftite clamp.jpg 663022-10 Clamp,Selftite,1/2 in.-10 Price: $13.65
selftite clamp.jpg 663029-10 Clamp,Selftite,3/4 in.-10 Price: $18.68
selftite clamp.jpg 663019-10 Clamp,Selftite,3/8 in.-10 Price: $10.06
selftite clamp.jpg 663025-10 Clamp,Selftite,5/8 in.-10 Price: $15.08
squezetite pliers.jpg 669100 Onix SqueezeTite Pliers Price: $38.57