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Onix | Cross-Linked EPDM Composite Tubing with Aramid Cord and Aluminum 02 Barrier

Onix is Well Suited for the Job

Onix is the fastest, friendliest, and safest radiant pipe you can specify or install. When doing your next Staple-up zone(s) you must consider useing Watts Radiant Onix tubing. This EPDM tubing has many features making it superior to plastic PEX tubing. Onix tubing has much better heat transfer characteristics than PEX tubing - No Heat Trasfer Plates are Needed! Onix does not expand and contract with temperature - Noise Free Installs! Onix is so flexible and durable you can install supply are return lines through the same hole in joists - Onix Installs in less than 1/4 the time as a PEX w/plates job. Also Onix is ideal for "renovations" where existing subfloors are pocked with nails, staples, wires, and pipes making it difficult to get a heat transfer plate in contact with the subfloor.

We find Onix material costs to be comparable to PEX projects. But since it is a superior tubing and installs so much faster, Contrators and Home Owners are agreeing that Onix is the right choice for Staple-up radiant heating projects.

What makes Onix™ perfect for radiant heat and snow melting applications. Cross-linked Durel EPDM is extruded into a tube then wrapped with an AlumaShield barrier and a second layer of Durel EPDM. This composite tube is reinforced with 1000 denier aramid cord, the same incredibly tough and heat resistant material used to make fire- and bulletproof shields. A third and final outer jacket of EPDM is applied. The result is a durable, flexible tubing formed of five heat and age resistant materials, proven in tens of thousands of installations over the years.

One of the best features of our Onix tubing is its aluminum barrier layer, AlumaShield™. Unlike plastic barriers, AlumaShield is unaffected by sunlight, UV radiation from fluorescent lamps, moisture, or elevated temperatures. Due to its placement inside the tube, the AlumaShield barrier can't be scraped off or damaged by typical job site abuse.

Onix is the product that can be installed with lifelong confidence in blazing heat and sunlight, or in Arctic frost and shadows. Used for commercial snow melting, space heating, residential staple-up and supply/return lines, you'll find Onix installed in thousands of quality projects every year.


Why choose Onix?

  • Can stand up to normal job site conditions
  • No special tools required
  • Tighter bend radius allows for entry into hard to reach areas
  • Can't be kinked
  • Temperature range from 180°F to -30°F
  • Resistant to UV degradation whether outside for a day or a year

onix install

Technical Information
Nominal ID
Bend Radius
Volume gal/1000'

For more information see:

onix coil

Contact us for product selection. We are glad to help.

Image Model Name Price Add to Cart
onix_banner.jpg ONIX-LIT Onix Literature Package Price:  Free!
onix hose.jpg 086061-2 Watts Onix Tubing 3/8 in.-2 ft. Sample Price:  Free!
onix hose.jpg 086061-120 Watts Onix Tubing 3/8 in.-120 ft. Price: $187.45
onix hose.jpg 086061-160 Watts Onix Tubing 3/8 in.-160 ft. Price: $268.37
onix hose.jpg 086061-180 Watts Onix Tubing 3/8 in.-180 ft. Price: $299.55
onix hose.jpg 086061-200 Watts Onix Tubing 3/8 in.-200 ft. Price: $335.50
onix hose.jpg 086061-600 Watts Onix Tubing 3/8 in.-600 ft. Price: $1,006.61
onix hose.jpg 086081-2 Watts Onix Tubing 1/2 in.-2 ft. Sample Price:  Free!
Watts Radiant Onix Tubing 086081-200 Watts Onix Tubing 1/2 in.-200 ft. Price: $434.49
onix hose.jpg 086081-250 Watts Onix Tubing 1/2 in.-250 ft. Price: $543.13
onix hose.jpg 086081-300 Watts Onix Tubing 1/2 in.-300 ft. Price: $650.34
onix hose.jpg 086081-400 Watts Onix Tubing 1/2 in.-400 ft. Price: $869.04
onix hose.jpg 086081-600 Watts Onix Tubing 1/2 in.-600 ft. Price: $1,304.71
onix hose.jpg 086101-100 Watts Onix Tubing 5/8 in.-100 ft. Coil Price: $265.99
onix hose.jpg 086101-200 Watts Onix Tubing 5/8 in.-200 ft. Coil Price: $497.36
onix hose.jpg 086101-300 Watts Onix Tubing 5/8 in.-300 ft. Coil Price: $797.98
onix hose.jpg 086101-400 Watts Onix Tubing 5/8 in.-400 ft. Coil Price: $1,051.94
onix hose.jpg 086101-600 Watts Onix Tubing 5/8 in.-600 ft. Spool Price: $1,595.96
onix hose.jpg 086121-300 Watts Onix Tubing 3/4 in.-300 ft. Price: $1,172.22
onix hose.jpg 086121-400 Watts Onix Tubing 3/4 in.-400 ft. Price: $1,427.06