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HydroNex Product Header

HydroNex | Hydronic Control Systems

HydroNex® panels are built to do more, for less money, faster. We pre-engineer and mass produce them on a new assembly line as a modern, radiant appliance. They're dependable; built for easy installation and fast service. Link them together or use them stand-alone. All 35 standard models come with powder coated metal enclosures and a lower price point than any comparable product.

HydroNex Installation
Primary Series Panel

Primary Series Panels - Primary loop panels manage high temperature circulation from your boiler with automatic or manual fill value options with 1-1/4" copper mains with pump isolation flanges, air remover and a temperature/pressure gauge. All Primary Panels are Rail Mounted and come equipped with Watts, B&G or Taco circulators.

    Primary Boiler Panel Your basic close boiler piping panel. A "Boiler room in a box".
    Reset Boiler Panel Add Outdoor Reset temperature compensation to your condensing boiler using a Tekmar boiler control to change the boiler burn rate.
HydroNex Special Series

Specialty Panels – These panels are designed to expand the capabilities of the HydroNex line, giving you more design options for energy saving systems.

    Condensing Boiler Panel Specifically designed to interface with most condensing boilers, this panel also includes many primary panel functions.
    GeoThermal Panel This panel makes using a ground source heat pump easy; simply add the panel to your HydroNex package and enjoy the matchless efficiency of geothermal and radiant.
    Select Source Panel Use multiple heating sources for your hydronic system. Use the most ecconomical heat (ex. Solar or Wood Boiler) when available, and automatically switch to a backup when nessisary.

HydroNex Distribution Logo

Distribution Series Panels - Distribution panels circulate water to a variety of heat distribution options by way of 1-1/4" mains, pump isolation flanges and easy serviceability. All Distribution Series Panels are Rail Mounted and can be equipped with Watts, B&G or Taco circulators. Your options include.

  • Distribution Direct Pump panels circulate water from your Primary loop to remote manifolds. These panels are typically used for higher temperature applications like radiators, fan coils, staple up, underfloor radiant, kick space heaters or indirect water heaters.
  • Distribution Mix Valve panels use a thermostatic mix valve and up to three pumps to deliver an adjustable temperature to remote manifolds. Each pump is pre-wired to a built-in zone control.
  • Distribution Injection Mix panels use an outdoor reset control to vary water temperatures as weather conditions change. They provide independent control over one to five remote zones.

HydroNex Zone Series

Zone Series Panels - Zone panels install in or close to the zones they heat. All components are enclosed in a thin-profile steel lockable cabinet that can be surface mounted or installed between wall studs. Zone Series is available with Watts Radiant pumps and stainless steel manifolds in three options:

HydroNex Installation

Contact us for product selection. We are glad to help.

Z Series
HydroNex Zone Heating System Distribution Mechancial Control Panel w/Pumps and Actuators | Watts Radiant HydroNex Manifold Zone Panels w/Pumps and Actuators
S Series
HydroNex Special Expanded Capabilities Heating System Mechancial Control Panel | Watts Radiant Hydronex Special Expanded Capabilities Panels for Condending Boiler Mechanical Solutions