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HPS Pump Panels

HPS Controls - Top Quality Pre-assembled Hydronic Pump Control Zoning Systems |

Established in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, HPS Controls began production of Hydronic Pump Control Zone Stations in 1995 and in 2006 has also introduced the new Primary Loop Station

HPS Controls' President, Bob Ridley, has more then 30 years experience in the electronic controls industry and hot water fan coil manufacturing.  In 2003 HPS Controls moved into an 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility, employing the most talented and experienced personnel and independent representatives in North America.

Create Time, Earn more Revenues, and Build your Reputation with HPS Controls!

Installing Hydronic Zoning Systems has never been easier!

HPS Controls create innovative Hydronic Pump Control Zone Station Models to apply to your unique system design. Make your installations simple and easy, while you save time and money.

What makes HPS systems so easy to install?

Pre-assembled System Design

All components required for your zoning job are prepackaged in our pre-assembled system designed Hydronic Pump Control Zone Station. No complicated, time consuming assembly required. Select a specific model which applies to your system and standardize your installation, eliminating complex piping schemes.


Primary Control Stations connect to your boiler or water heater. They provide sized primary pumps for sufficient flow for heat transfer.
Zone Control Stations are designed as the secondary circuit to your primary boiler loop. Simply hang the station on the wall, two pipe connections to the primary boiler loop, pipe to your zones and your piping is finished.


No need to worry about intricate wiring. Just bring 120V to the station, connect your thermostats, wire to the boiler aquastat and you are done. Simple basic wiring for ease of installation, any technician can complete.

Flexible Models

The flexibility of our Zone Stations allows you to be creative with your system designs, both large and small. Each zone is capable of delivering up to 120,000 BTU using our “Select-A-Design” option feature. Select larger pumps, flanges and headers to fit your unique system requirements. For efficient, cost effective hydronic heating solutions, the Hydronic Pump Control Zone Station by HPS Controls is ideal.

For use with open potable, or closed hydronic systems

Now radiant heating does not have to be a puzzle.

With radiant heating systems becoming the heating method of choice, efficient installation and cost effective know how is now even more imperative.

To help you save time and money we have developed a panel system that will eliminate the guess work. With three styles to choose from, we have a fit for all your heating requirements.

Combination Units of Hi-Lo Temperature Control

These combination panels have Hi and Low temperature zones. With that capability only one panel is required.

High temperature - used for indirect hot water, fancoil, baseboard and hot tub.

Low temperature - used for radiant floor, snow melt

Contact us for product selection. We are glad to help.

HPS Primary Loop Stations for Quality Easy Boiler room Installations | HPS Primary Loop Stations 800 Series & Primary/Secondary 900 Series Pumps Stations
Zone Stations
HPS Low Temp / Combined Temp Zone Control Stations w/Mixing Valve or Variable Speed Pump Injection| HPS Low Temp / Combined Temp Zone Control Stations w/Mixing Valve or Variable Speed Pump Injection.