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Flow Control

Flow Control Devices - Zone Valves | Back Flow Preventers | Pressure Regulators and Relief Valves |
  • Zone Valves alow the zone manager control flow to areas of a heating system by powering a 24 VAC actuator. Couple the zone valve with a Zone Valve Control for easy straight forward flow control.
  • Strainers clean dirt and debris out of the heating sysetm before the clog sensors and pump rotors. Use strainer on the return side to a water heater or boiler to reduce problems with junk in the system.
  • Check Valves make sure water flows where you need it to go and not down the return side of adjacent heating zones. Use check valves to isolate flow in in only the powered zone. Swing type check valves are the most reliable type of check valve.
  • Pressure Relief Valves are safty purge valves to blead excess pressure off of a heating system in the event of a malfunction. Required by building codes on all closed loop heating systems and domestic hot water heater.

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Image Model Name Price Add to Cart
WCV.jpg 87400 Brass Check valve 3/4 in. Swing Type NPT Price: $11.09
WCV.jpg 87401 Brass Check valve 1 in. Swing Type NPT Price: $15.47
3L.jpg F75-3/4 3/4 in. 75 psi Pressure Relief Valve Price: $19.74
strainer.jpg 212256 Bronze Wye Strainer, 3/4 in. NPT Price: $23.54
3L.jpg F150-3/4 3/4 in. 150 psi Pressure Relief Valve Price: $29.19
WCV.jpg 87403 Brass Check valve 1 1/2 in. Swing Type NPT Price: $30.94
strainer.jpg 212257 Bronze Wye Strainer, 1 in. Price: $33.71
174A.jpg 174A 3/4 in. 30 psi Bronze Body Pressure Relief Valve Price: $69.16
Zone_valve.bmp V8043E1012 Honeywell 4 wire Zone Valve 3/4 in. Sweat
1 – 5$76.91
6 +$71.96

Zone_valve.bmp V8043E1020 Honeywell 4 wire Zone Valve 1 in. Sweat Price: $81.30
ESP.jpg ESP050C2 Taco ESP Zone Valve 1/2 in. Sweat Price: $87.67
flowguard 13.jpg D3499375 .5-4 GPM FlowGuard Flow Setter and Indicator Price: $96.97
RB-24E.jpg RB-24E Guard Dog LWCO Low Water Cut-Off Switch - 24VAC Price: $97.23
strainer.jpg LF777M1-20 Bronze Wye Strainer, 1-1/2 in., *Lead Free Price: $106.30
FS4-3.jpg FS251 Flow Switch, SPDT, 1" NPT Price: $115.64
B911S.jpg B911-M3 Bronze Combination Fill Valve and Backflow Preventers Price: $119.72
flowguard 13.jpg D3499480 1-13 GPM FlowGuard Flow Setter and Indicator Price: $128.57
PS850M.jpg PS852M-24 McDonnell & Miller LWCO Low Water Cut-Off Switch - 24 VAC Price: $191.81