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Electric Floor Heat

Radiant pex tubing spacer

HeatWeave | WarmWire | SlabHeat | ProMelt - Electric Floor Heating

Safe, Simple, Efficient

The comfort of radiant floors without the hassle of hydronic tubing! Pexheat proudly offers a wide selection of electric radiant floor heating products. Whether you are looking for floor heating for your kitchen, bathroom or entire home, or if you are looking to melt snow on your walkway or driveway, we have several state of the art products available. SlabHeat® electric heating cables make for a simpler heating solution without the tubing in slab floors. Forget ice cold flooring tiles, HeatWeave® & WarmWire® electric radiant heat mats and cables are designed to warm tile and stone floors in any room as well as an underfloor mat that can go under existing floor. Don’t slip and slide on the way to the car, ProMelt® will clear the way of snow and ice.

With fully armored and grounded power leads and twin wire design, HeatWeave, SlabHeat and ProMelt are the only electric floor warming and heating products manufactured in America. Watts' HeatWeave UnderFloor™ mats warm almost any floor without replacing or refinishing your existing one! ProMelt® electric snowmelting mats and cables are designed to give you heated walkways, driveways and patios when you thought it might not have been possible. The HeatWeave, SlabHeat and ProMelt electric radiant heat systems are a simple, safe and efficient alternative to mechanical systems or multi-step mortar installation processes.

Think electric heating can be expensive to run? Think again! Electric floor heating systems are 100% efficient. That means that 100% of every dollar spent goes into heating the house. There is no chimney/flue or parasitic devices like pumps for wasted efficiency. If you add on the money savings of quick installations and zero maintenance, electric floors may just be your best solution. Don’t believe us? Just contact us to run the numbers and find out.

From SlabHeat to ProMelt systems, these floor-heating options are perfect for any property, residential or commercial. Better still, these systems are easy to install and control, and in most installations cheaper than a hydronic system with tubing. Watts Radiant makes some of the most popular and effective electric radiant heating products in the country, and we are proud to offer them for your home or business. Find out which WarmWire, HeatWeave, or any of the other electric floor system by Watts Radiant applies to your project, contact us today!

HeatWeave over Slab

HeatWeave over Subfloor

HeatWeave Underfloor

WarmWire over Slab

WarmWire over Subfloor

ProMelt Wire in Slab

ProMelt Mat in Slab

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Watts WarmWire Heating Cable for Electric in Floor Heating | Watts Radiant WarmWire is a simple, economical way to warm floors and provide years of lasting comfort.
Watts HeatWeave Electric Floor Warming Mats for in floor heating | Watts Radiant HeatWeave electric floor heating mats. The safest and easiest-to-install heating mat in the industry.
Underfloor Mats
Watts HeatWeave Under Floor Heating Mats for Electric Floor Heating | Watts Radiant HeatWeave Underfloor Mats are the perfect solution for warming nearly every type of floor covering without having to tear it up.
Watts Slab Heating Cables for Radiant Floor Heating Systems | Watts Radiant SlabHeat Radiant Floor Slab Heating Cable Systems for thick slab floors.
Watts Radiant ProMelt Electric Snow Melting Cable and Mats | Watts Radiant ProMelt electric snow melting mats and cables. The safest and easiest-to-install snow melting in the industry.