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Distribution w?th Heat Exchanger

Distribution with Heat Exchanger
HydroNex Distribution with Heat Exchanger Distribution with Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger panels with a Tekmar 665 make it easy to add a snow melting zone to any HydroNex system. Or select the radiant option with a Tekmar 361 for a glycol loop in a garage or shop that requires isolation. The Tekmar 361 control adjusts the speed of the injection pump on the "A" side of the heat exchanger to accurately regulate supply water temperatures, giving the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency. The heat exchanger options can transfer approximately 150,000 btu/hr or 250,000 btu/hr with 180ºF boiler supply/130ºF snow melt/radiant supply and a 30ºF Delta T.

Each panel is equipped with O-ring sealed threaded unions on the primary loop and Cat 5 wiring connections for fast connection to other HydroNex panels. The entire panel is enclosed in a powder coated steel enclosure for a professional, appliance style appearance.

Standard equipment includes:
    • 1-1/4" copper primary and secondary supply piping
    • Circulators on A and B side of heat exchanger, pre-wired and tested
    • Flat plate stainless steel heat exchanger with unions
    • Optional energy-saving 3 speed Watts Radiant circulators
    • Tekmar 665 snow melt control (093 slab sensor must be ordered separately) or 361 outdoor reset mixing control
    • High performance 1-1/4" micro-bubble air remover and expansion tank connection (tank not included)
    • 0-50 psi/60-320ºF gauge
    • Isolation valves for easy servicing of circulators and easy air purging
    • O-ring sealed threaded unions
    • Cat 5 cable electrical connection for fast and easy connection to P or D Panels
    • 9 ft 120V power cord
    • Powder coated steel enclosure
The pumps are pre-wired into the snowmelt control. Inter-panel connection to other Hydronex panels is achieved by plug and play Cat 5e cables, or are customizable for older applications.
There are two automatic control options:
    •Tekmar 361 with 501 relay control (compatible with all snow/ice sensors)
    •Tekmar 665 (Tekmar 093 slab sensor must be ordered seperately)

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