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PEX Couplings & Plugs

PEX Tubing Couplings and PEX Tubing Plugs | Top Quality ASTM NSF Approved  |

PEX Brass Couplings, Test Plugs, Sweat and Threaded Adapters.

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PEX Couplings
PEX Tubing Couplings | Top Quality ASTM NSF Approved  | Brass Couplings for joining 2 pieces of PEX tubing to repair or extend PEX pipe.
PEX NPT Adapters
PEX Male and Female NPT Adapters and Couplings | Top Quality ASTM NSF Approved  | Male and Female NPT Threaded Adapters for connecting PEX tubing to threaded fittings.
PEX Sweat Adapters
PEX to Copper Sweat Adapter Fittings | Top Quality ASTM NSF Approved  | Brass Sweat Adapters to connect PEX tubing to copper pipe or a solder union.
PEX Test Plugs
PEX Tubing Plugs | Top Quality ASTM NSF Approved  | PEX Plugs are used to seal lines for pressure testing or future expansion.