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Watts Copper Manifolds

Watts Pex Copper Manifolds for Radiant Floor Heating and Domestic Water Distribution |

Copper manifolds, with or without ball valves. The ends of the manifold trunks are either open, closed, or supplied with 3/4 in. crimp fittings. Manifolds are made of type "L" copper. All fittings are brass and are brazed to the copper trunk. Use with Copper Crimp Rings or Stainless Steel CinchClamps.

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Watts 1/2 in. Branch Copper Manifolds
Watts 1/2 in. Branch PEX Copper Manifolds for Plumbing and Radiant Floor Heating | Watts 1/2 in. Branch Copper Manifolds
Watts 3/8 in. Branch Copper Manifolds
Watts 3/8 in., 1 in Swedged Supply PEX Manifolds for Radiant floor heating and Plumbing | Watts 3/8 in. Copper Branch Manifolds