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Under Concrete Insulation

Concrete Barrier Reflective Under Slab Radiant Floor Insulation |

Reflect the Heat Back into your Home

Under Concrete Radiant Barrier Insulation is an excellent method of reducing heat loss under a radiant floor heating system installed in a concrete slab. Bubble Foil insulation is designed to create an air gap under the slab which will slow heat loss into the ground below. The air gap will also create a space by which the slab will release heat in the form of radiant waves. The foil below the air gap will reflect most of that heat back into the radiant floor slab recovering the heat that could have been lost into the ground.

Under Concrete Radiant Barrier Insulations are extremely durable and support the weight of most residential and commercial slabs. Only in cases of the highest slab loading do we recommend substitution high density polystyrene insulation over Bubble Foil type insulations.

The polyethylene bubble layers acts as a vapor barrier as well, so as you tape the seams of the under concrete radiant insulation you are protecting the floor from moisture infiltration.

Check our our lines of concrete radiant barrier insulations and see which is the right solution for your radiant floor project.

Contact us for product selection. We are glad to help.

Image Model Name Price Add to Cart
cbfroll_cat.jpg 162016125 TVMI Ultra CBF, 16 in wide ULTRA Concrete Barrier, Bubble/Foil/Bubble, 16 in x 125 ft
1 – 12$118.49
13 – 27$108.49
28 – 57$101.26
58 +$97.65

cbfroll_cat.jpg 162048125 TVMI Ultra CBF, 48 in wide ULTRA Concrete Barrier, 48 in x 125 ft
1 – 4$359.71
5 – 9$309.71
10 – 19$294.39
20 +$282.48

polyroll_cat.jpg 132048125 TVMI Ultra Concrete Underpad, Foil/Double Bubble/Clear Poly - 4 ft x 125 ft
1 – 6$277.19
7 – 12$227.19
13 – 26$218.67
27 +$209.31

white_tape.jpg 15853 TVMI White Poly Tape, 3 in x 150 ft Price: $11.42