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Stainless Steel PEX Cinch Clamps for In Floor Heating and Plumbing | Top Quality ASTM NSF Approved   |

Cinch Clamps - Oetiker style - Stainless Steel Pex Crimp Ring

Fastest easiest most cost effective PEX fastening system.

  • Ratcheting tool provides easy one-tool assembly.
  • Connections can be dry-fit.
  • Connections can be made with wet pex tubing.
  • Final connections take only seconds.
  • CinchTool only releases when connection is complete, ensuring a perfect connection.
  • No calibration required on the CinchTool.
  • Can visually verify whether connection is completed – tab of clamp is “pinched”.
  • Connection rated to 160 psi @ 73°F; 100 psi @ 180°F.
  • Clamp is an interlocking ring, forming a complete 360° uniform, watertight seal.
  • Corrosion resistant, annealed 304 stainless steel.
  • Uses ASTM F1807 brass or ASTM F2159 plastic insert fittings (plastic for potable systems only).

For more information view:

pdfCinch Tool Brochure


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Image Model Name Price Add to Cart
w81004995.jpg PH-RS-3 CinchClamp, Stainless, 1/2 in. Price: $0.57
w81004997.jpg PH-RS-4 CinchClamp, Stainless, 5/8 in. Price: $0.66
w81005001.jpg PH-RS-6 CinchClamp, Stainless, 1 in. Price: $0.72
w81004995.jpg PCCC3X-10 CinchClamp, Stainless, 1/2 in. Bag of 10 Price: $4.52
w81004993.jpg PCCC2X-10 CinchClamp, Stainless, 3/8 in. Bag of 10 Price: $4.52
w81004997.jpg PCCC4X-10 CinchClamp, Stainless, 3/4 in. Bag of 10 Price: $6.15
w81005001.jpg PCCC5X-10 CinchClamp, Stainless, 1 in., Bag of 10 Price: $7.16
CrimpRing_3.jpg PCCR2X-100 Crimp Ring, 3/8 in. Bag of 100 Price: $28.20