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Bend Supports

PEX Tubing Bend Supports for Radiant Floor Heating and Plumbing |

Eliminate project halting kinks with tubing bend supports.

PEX tubing expands and contracts with temperature. So where the tubing is when you install it will not be where it is when the system is running. This movement develops stress at bends. When the tubing kinks the only reliable thing to do is to cut the kink out and repair with a coupling. And if the tubing is coming up out of a slab or is installed under a subfloor that has been insulated and dry walled, you have a bigger problem on your hands.

We recommend a Terminal Bend Support for each pipe coming out of a slab and a mid-run bend support for each pipe installed in a joist as the pipe turns up to the manifold.

Contact us for product selection. We are glad to help.

Terminal Bend Supports
PEX Tubing Bend Supports for In Slab Radiant Floor Heating | Help PEX tubing transition out of the slab to minimize kinking.
Mid-Run Bend Supports
PEX Tubing Mid Run Bend Supports for Under Floor Radiant Floor Heating and Plumbing | Help make PEX tubing bends in walls and joist cavities.