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Argo Electric Boilers

Argo Electric Boilers for Radiant Floor Heating and Hydronic Heating Systems |

Argo Electric Boilers

Absolute Efficiency– Total Comfort!

Not only is the Argo “AT” Series Electric Boiler 100% efficient, with operating temperatures from 90°F to 180°F, it’s ideal for both low temperature radiant systems and standard hydronic heating in both residential and commercial applications!

argo at boiler

2 or 4 Element Configuration & Modular Boiler Configuration

Designed for maximum versatility, the Argo “AT” Series features a 2 Element boiler available
in four capacities from 6 kw to 12kw and a 4 Element boiler available in four capacities
from 12kw to 24kw. The Argo “AT” Series can also increase its’ capacity to 40kw by
“stacking” two boilers together in a Modular Boiler Configuration


Microprocessor Based Control Board

The “AT” features an advanced Microprocessor Control which safely and efficiently controls the elements. Elements energize individually, with additional elements energizing as needed depending on demand. The start-up element is rotated so run time is balanced across all elements promoting longevity. The “AT” Series utilizes a sensor connected to a probe in an immersion well to determine demand. This configuration relays water temperature back to the control board allowing the unit to efficiently maintain steady, even heat using only the elements necessary to satisfy demand. Thus the “AT” Boiler avoids the constant peaks and valleys experienced by others relying on a timer system resulting in short-cycling of the elements that wastes energy and costs the user more in electricity.


Installation, Operation and Maintenance

The Argo “AT” Series features - Diagnostic Indicator Lights, a 30 Second Pre-Purge, an Adjustable Temperature Set Point and Differential and a factory installed Circulator Relay plus on board power for an External System Circulator. Optional components such as Low Water Cut Off, Flow Switch, etc. are easily added via connections on the control board. The “AT” is available in one compact cabinet size for ease of installation. Safety features include Operating Limits with Back-Up, Redundant Relays Per Element and Audible Alarms/Fault Codes.


The Reliability

Argo “AT” Series Electric Boiler features a one piece cast iron heat exchanger and a 20 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty.


Boiler Size Nominal (KW)

Operating Voltage Heat Output (BTU/Hr) Power Input (Watts) Total Heating Element (Amps) Number of Elements Element Size (Watts) Maximum Aperage per Leg (Amps) Suggested Wire Size (AWG) Suggested Breaker (Amps)
AT0623 6 240 20,472 6,000 25.0 2 3,000 31.0 8 40
AT0824 8 240 27,296 8,000 33.3 2 4,000 39.3 6 50
AT1025 10 240 34,120 10,000 41.7 2 5,000 47.7 6 60
AT1226 12 240 40,944 12,000 50.0 2 6,000 56.0 4 70


240 40,944 12,000 50.0 4 3,000 56.0 4 70
AT1644 16 240 54,592 16,000 66.7 4 4,000 72.7 3 90
AT2045 20 240 68,240 20,000 83.3 4 5,000 89.3 2 100
AT2446 24 240 81,888 24,000 100.0 4 6,000 106.0 1 125

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Image Model Name Price Add to Cart
at_boiler.jpg AT102510B Argo AT Series-2 10KW, 34K BTU/Hr Electric Boiler w/Breakers Price: $1,318.40
at_boiler.jpg AT062310B Argo AT Series-2 6KW, 20K BTU/Hr Electric Boiler w/Breakers Price: $1,240.00
at_boiler.jpg AT082410B Argo AT Series-2 8KW, 27K BTU/Hr Electric Boiler w/Breakers Price: $1,274.40
at_boiler.jpg AT124310B Argo AT Series-4 12KW, 41K BTU/Hr Electric Boiler w/Breakers Price: $1,774.40
at_boiler.jpg AT164410B Argo AT Series-4 16KW, 55K BTU/Hr Electric Boiler w/Breakers Price: $1,816.00
at_boiler.jpg AT244610B Argo AT Series-4 24KW, 81K BTU/Hr Electric Boiler w/Breakers Price: $1,968.80
at_boiler.jpg AT122610C Argo AT Series-C 12KW, 41K BTU/Hr Electric Boiler w/Breakers Price: $1,372.28