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  HPS 5 Zone Combo 3-High 2-Low Injection Pump Panel
HPS 5 Zone Combo 3-High 2-Low Injection Pump Panel
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5 Zone 3-High Temp, 2 Low Temp Variable Speed Injection Pump, Flanged Pump Zone Control Station
  • 5 zone station model housing
  • White powder coat appliance finish
  • 1" flange body pumps UP15-58FC standard
  • Variable speed injection pump mixing
  • Organic acid bath polished copper piping
  • System bleed purge valve
  • Return riser globe valve with CV setting
  • Webstone "Isolator" ball valve flange set
  • Return zone ball valves
  • Outdoor reset control & sensor
  • Boiler protection control & sensor
  • Mixing thermometer & sensor
  • 6 zone electronic relay control board
  • Priority with priority safe feature
  • Pump duty cycle timer options
  • Low water cutoff 24V access option
  • LED indicator lights
  • Integral pump flow check valves
Note: Item may differ from Image

High Temperature Zones

Used for:

  • High Temp Baseboard or Fan Coil Zones
  • Indirect Domestic Hot Water Heater Zone

Low Temperature Zones

Used for:

  • Low Temp In-Floor Heating Zones

Circuit Board Technology

New circuit board technology enables the optimum in complete boiler
system control, and simplifies wiring of the system.

Features within the circuit board include:

  • 4-6 Zone Electronic Relay Control Board
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Boiler control contacts
  • Various timer settings for pump exercise
Grundfos Pump Curve
Grundfos UP Pump Curve
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For more information, view:

Part Number: CFI-532

Price: $4,980.17

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