Cryo-tek AG, 100% Blue Propylene Glycol Anti-freeze, 5 gal
Cryo-tek AG, 100% Blue Propylene Glycol Anti-freeze, 5 gal
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Cryo-Tek AG , 5 gallon bucket

A blend of virgin (not recycled) propylene glycol and high purity Triple Protection additives,
formulated for use in closed loop hydronic heating and cooling systems. Cryo-tek can also
be used in radiant tube heating systems, most solar heating systems and geothermal
loops. Hercules’ exclusive Triple Protection formula stabilizes pH to prevent acid
corrosion, chelates hard water minerals and inhibits the formation of scale and sediment.
These components work together to keep the system clean and operating efficiently by
eliminating system deposits, improving heat transfer and minimizing wear to moving parts
and seals. Cryo-tek is compatible with PEX and elastomeric radiant tubing, commonly
used materials for seals and bushings and provides corrosion protection for cast iron,
steel, copper, brass and solder. Cryo-tek has not been tested for use in systems
containing CPVC plastic. Standard cryo-tek products should not be used in systems
containing aluminum. Cryo-tek -100/AL is available for aluminum systems. Cryo-tek
should not be used in systems with galvanized piping as the zinc coating will be dissolved.
Cryo-tek is a 94-98% efficient heat transfer solution in most application dilutions. It has a
lower freeze point and higher boiling point than water and is non-flammable, odorless, non
-toxic, nonirritating and compatible with Hercules boiler stop leaks and heating system
cleaner products.

Cryo-tek AG
A concentrated virgin (not recyled) propylene glycol with Triple Protection corrosion inhibitor,
which can be diluted with water to desired protection levels.

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