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  HeatWeave UnderFloor Mat, 4 ft. x 16 in., 120V
HeatWeave UnderFloor Mat, 4 ft. x 16 in., 120V
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Underfloor 120VAC HeatWeave Mats

HeatWeave UnderFloor Mat, 4 ft. x 16 in., 120V

HeatWeave UnderFloor™ Mats are the perfect solution for nearly every type of floor covering. These special UnderFloor mats warm existing floors without having to replace the floor coverings. If you have access under a floor, simply staple these mats between the joists.

Note: New mat design is clad with a foil "radiator". For more information see the Manual below.

These effective, UL-Listed mats deliver 10 watts/sq. ft. of floor area (about 34 BTU/hour), and will warm the average floor about 12° to 15°F, depending on floor construction. HeatWeave Underfloor heating will warm wood, vinyl, laminates, or tile floor coverings. Insulation under the floor is essential to complete the installation.

Consider these benefits of HeatWeave UnderFloor Mats:

  1. Easy staple-up installation between floor joists.
  2. Manufactured in different lengths providing easy installation.. Mats of any size (same voltage) may be combined to heat larger areas.
  3. 120 VAC and 240 VAC models for small to large projects.
  4. Highest-quality electric floor heating wire using Aramid reinforcing, ETFE high-temperature insulation, and oxygen-free copper alloys for corrosionresistance, temperature-resistance, abrasionresistance, and longevity.
  5. Shielded and fully grounded 10-ft. power lead for safety and jobsite durability (longer lengths available on request). Power leads are colorcoded for 120 VAC and for 240 VAC.

Note: Do not install HeatWeave UnderFloor mats in mortar or cement, or install them in the same control zone as HeatWeave mats, as the two series of mats have different heat output.

For more information see:

Part Number: 1200416U2HW

Price: $79.43

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